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Retreats at Cliff College

Set in the beautiful landscape of the Peak District, Cliff College is happy to welcome individuals and groups for spiritual retreat. The setting makes it an ideal place to spend time away from normality, allowing you to rest, recharge, reflect and refocus.

During your stay, we can offer you en-suite bedrooms and on-site catering, as well as access to suggested places to journey and reflect – both on and off the site. The College is an excellent centre for those wanting to have space to think and read, or walk and explore, or participate in prayer, worship, conversation and study.

We offer a variety of retreats, where you can choose to guide your own retreat to get the best experience to meet your needs. We have resources available to facilitate your experience and are glad to help you in producing the best experience to meet your needs. Our organised retreats are spaces of collaboration – to reflect together and inspire one another through different medias. We’d be happy for you to explore the variety of retreats on listed below to discover which retreat meets your needs at this time. We understand any time away is a gift and precious. You are very welcome to contact the College reception, where we will be very happy to provide an additional information you may need to make your stay with us the best it can be.

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Types of retreats available


You may wish to retreat for different reasons. Taking a little time away from normality gives people chance to rest, read, reflect and respond. You may wish to take a walk – we can provide you with resources that suggests points to pause and reflect, both on the college site and the local area. You may wish to create your own activities deciding to paint, engage in some craft work or play a musical instrument. Or you may wish to spend you stay in your room, being quiet and only leaving your room to join the community for meals. Our self-guided retreats give you the opportunity to plan your retreat around your own needs, which we will be happy to support and facilitate.


Our guided retreats are offered throughout the year – please check individual retreats for frequency. The guided programme offers opportunities to engage with different types of material, join in conversations, worship together and inspire one another.

Group retreats

It is always good to come together; to share ideas, to explore innovation, to discern next steps. We can offer your church, organisation or group excellent facilities in a beautiful setting. We have a variety of meeting spaces available, which can be used for group activities and gatherings. Please contact our conference centre to check availability. We look forward to welcoming your group.

Digital retreats

Digital retreats offer the input and collaboration of our guided retreats, but with the flexibility of your own circumstances. We ask that you block out the whole day in your diary. You will be provided with a timetable for the day, with opportunities to log on for worship, teaching and reflection, followed by sections of the day where you can choose to spend time responding in a way that suits you. (With people spending so much time in front of a screen and understanding you may want to spend spring and summer away from a computer, we will be advertising the dates for digital retreats in the autumn.)

Short Course retreats

Our Short Course programme offers a variety of organised retreats with different focuses. For more information, please see our Short Course page.