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Tuition Fees

Information on fees for undergraduate, postgraduate and international students, as well as information on bursaries

This page will give you an overview of the fees and and accommodation costs at Cliff College. If you need more information, you can download our full fees and costs information sheet here.


Our undergraduate programme fees for 2021-22 are £7,150 per year for full-time students, or £3,575 per year for part-time students. Most of our students apply for a student loan to cover the cost of their tuition – you can find more information about that on the Student Finance website.

Most of our full-time students live at Cliff College between September and April while they attend lectures and complete their studies. They have their own en-suite bedroom in College and have all meals provided by our catering team. This accommodation and meals package costs £5,400 per person – this can also be covered by student finance in the form of a maintenance loan. More information about this is available on the Student Finance website.

Non-residential students can book a bedroom and meals during their teaching weeks – this is charged at £200 per week.


Our MA programme fees for 2021-22 are £6,650, regardless of whether you study full-time or part-time. Each teaching unit is £1,330; this should be paid before the respective teaching unit commences. The dissertation is also £1,330, which can be paid by arrangement with our finance office. It is possible to apply for a Postgraduate loan to cover the cost of your study – please see the Student Finance website for more information.

Almost all of our MA students are non-residential, and attend Cliff College only for their teaching units and the dissertation conference. Non-residential students can book a bedroom and meals during their teaching weeks – this is charged at £165 per week, or £40 per day for the dissertation conference or any additional study days.

Our PhD programme fees are £7,150 per year for full-time students and £3,575 for part-time students; the fee for a write-up year is £1,790. The PhD Missiology is only available part-time, and the fees are £3,560 per year. Non-residential students can book a bedroom and meals during their teaching weeks or in order to use the library and meet with teaching staff - this is charged at £200 per week or £40 per day.

International students

The tuition fees for 2021-22 for international students are the same as those for domestic students.

If you are a US national, you may be eligible for a federal loan towards your tuition costs. Please contact for more information. Policies on lending and funding for US students in receipt of federal loans


Cliff College maintains a general bursary fund to benefit students needing financial assistance during their studies. This comprises donations made by supporters of the College, both currently and in the past. Currently, bursaries are focused on the following groups:

  • Students who live in areas where there is low participation in Higher Education
  • Care leavers
  • Students with caring responsibilities – young carers
  • Students with disabilities
  • Students from ethnic minorities
  • Those not in receipt of student loans

In addition to the general fund there are three other funds providing assistance for specific purposes:

  • the Cresswell fund is for students from the global south
  • the ‘Dennison’ fund is for MA students
  • the ‘Jon Ashby’ fund is for students wishing to develop their skills in music or worship leading

Bursary applications are made by completing the Bursary Application Form, which is available from the Finance Office.

In addition, a number of organisations external to the College provide grant funding of varying amounts. Please contact the Finance Office for further details.