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Short courses at Cliff College

Short courses on a variety of themes and subjects, designed to equip and train the whole church for mission and ministry.

About our short courses

Cliff College offers a variety of Christian short courses, including on-site day, mid-week and weekend courses, week-long Certificate and Summer School courses, as well as off-site training on several of our Diploma courses. We have been developing a new section of short course online courses throughout the time of the pandemic - do check Cliff Online as we add new courses each month! These various short course opportunities are designed to train the whole people of God, and provide inspiration, retreat, reflection, new learning and personal development, as well as allow participants to explore other validated courses within the college.

Many of these short courses are delivered alongside our existing ministry partners, including Godly Play UK, Youth for Christ, Scripture Union, BRF, The Message Trust, Care for the Family, Place for Hope, Christian Vision for Men, Girls' Brigade Ministries and the Methodist Church. We also welcome our new partner UK Church Administrators Network.

Explore short courses

Our short courses are sorted by length and type. If you're looking for a particular subject, you can browse through or use the search function at the top of the page.

Applying for a short course

The day events, weekends, 3-day midweek training and retreat courses are all open to anyone via a booking process. Cliff College Certificate & Diploma courses require an application, and the qualification is awarded for attendance and the submission of academic assessment that achieves the required pass mark.


The fees for different types of on-site short courses, including board and accommodation, are listed below. There are one or two courses that differ from this; please check the details on the page of the course that you are interested in. Online course costs vary from £50.00-£150.00 dependent on length of course, and cost details can be found on each page.

Day course£65
Weekend course£180

Monday-Friday course


For further information on any of the short courses, please contact the short course administrator on 01246 584203, or by emailing

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