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Courses at Cliff College

Cliff aims to be a beacon of excellence for training in mission & evangelism, and a place of equipping for ministry.

We continue to be a centre for cutting edge missiology and first-class education, delivered by world-renowned teaching staff within a reflective and encouraging learning community. Partnered with the University of Manchester and other educational institutions around the world, Cliff offers a rich variety of practical expertise in equipping people for 21st-century mission.

We are still accepting applications for our courses starting this autumn. Find out more about the range of opportunities that we offer here at Cliff College.

Statement on teaching for 2020-21

Cliff College aims to ensure that students will be able to access their courses and programmes in 2020/21 and, in that light, has released a statement which you can read here:

Undergraduate courses

Part-time or full-time BA courses, taught at Cliff College and awarded by the University of Manchester.

Postgraduate courses

Flexible MA and PhD programmes taught by top theologians and practitioners, with qualifications awarded by the University of Manchester.