Cliff Local 2020-21

Sponsored by the Methodist Church, and in partnership with the Learning Network, Cliff College is looking forward to resourcing mission and ministry across the UK through our Cliff Local initiative.

Cliff Local

Cliff Local is a year-long process, which includes teaching input offered by Cliff College, plus individual and group questions to reflect on supported by the regional Learning Network team. Cliff Local is designed to strengthen mission and ministry in some of our more outlying regions of the UK and facilitate the development of a locally networked ‘community of practice’ of lay leaders.


Local pastor: leader, carer and discipler

At the invitation of the district chairman, in 2020-21 Cliff Local is coming to Yorkshire to explore the theme of ‘Local pastor: leader, carer and discipler’. Facilitated by Rev Ashley Cooper (Cliff College Principal) and delivered by Cliff College staff together with local expertise. This teaching will be delivered online.

  • Cliff Local teaching blocks: 10–11 November 2020; 2–3 March 2021
  • Cliff Local cost per participant: £50.00 (with matched funding by the district, and all other costs covered by the Methodist Church via Cliff College)
  • Local contact: TBA

Would you consider being one of the 20 participants as we seek to develop even stronger understandings of our role and practice as local pastors?


Details to follow

Excellent teaching.

Engaging, with lots of food for thought.

I got to know my own people a lot better.

Relevant to our situation.

Thought-provoking input.

For further information about the planned courses in 2020 and 2021, contact Cathi Thacker, the Cliff Local administrator, on or on 01246 584221.