Certificate in Christian Mentoring

Want to explore the role of mentoring in the development of others? Want to increase your skills and be a more effective mentor? Want to experience some high-class teaching input from skilled practitioners? If so, come and join us on the ever-popular Certificate in Christian Mentoring, part of our short course programme.

Mentoring short course

This short course is designed for anyone involved in mentoring and coaching who wants to increase their skills and be more effective in what they do. It will address issues around volunteer mentoring, and also around people who are paid for the mentoring they offer.

The course is aimed at people who want to build intentional relationships within the local church and beyond. Content will be delivered through seminars, discussion groups, workshops, and lectures. There will be times for sharing your stories and swapping ideas about what has worked and what hasn’t from your own experiences.

The course will focus on:

  • the biblical basis of mentoring
  • using mentoring in discipleship
  • definitions of different helping roles
  • key skills in mentoring
  • the spirituality of the mentor
  • mentoring in the local church

Participants gain a Cliff College Certificate by completing the required assessment work following the teaching week. Successful students will be invited to the Cliff College graduation ceremony. Students can choose not to do the assessment work by auditing the short course. This short course also serves as an entry qualification to the Postgraduate Certificate in Mission (Christian Mentoring) at Cliff College.

Cheryl Laycock

As a mature student, I was somewhat apprehensive about undertaking the Certificate in Christian Mentoring. I need not have worried! Everyone at the College was so helpful. I got the clear impression that not only did they want us to succeed, but also they wanted us to enjoy the learning process. The course materials provided by the lecturers were superb and the lecturers themselves were first class. The course has already had a significant impact on my ministry. Highly recommend, no matter what age!

Cheryl Laycock

Thanks for your excellent provision for the course. It was a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Joseva Vakacokaivalu

Christian Mentoring encouraged me to explore cross-cultural differences. It reminded me of my past visible and invisible untold stories. As a Fijian living in the UK for 23 years, Christian Mentoring caught my attention and gave me a great interest in reaching a relationship with other people of different cultures, races, nationalities etc., where we can learn from each other's differences, and build a strong relationship together.

Joseva Vakacokaivalu

I have been inspired, enthused and encouraged by the whole experience. The lectures and the fellowship were wonderful.

‘One of most established and popular courses, the Certificate in Christian Mentoring is a great opportunity to learn and practice what it means to support and shape the life and discipleship of others of all ages. Led by national and international experts in the field, this is a key course, and comes highly recommended by the many students who have taken it’.
Ian White, Short Course programme leader, Cliff College

Cliff College Certificate in Christian Mentoring: 9-13 May 2022

The cost of £450.00 includes all accommodation, teaching materials, tutorial support, assessment and marking fees.

A non-refundable deposit of £75.00 secures your place on the short course, and is payable on your acceptance of the place offered. The balance of fees should be paid before the course begins.

Applications for this course are now open - apply here!

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact shortcourse@cliffcollege.ac.uk.

Your short course Certificate in Christian Mentoring may also enable you to gain credit towards a University of Manchester certificate, diploma or degree at Cliff College. Usually, a short course Certificate will gain you 10-20 credits towards a validated qualification. It would mean, for instance, that instead of studying 120 credits in the first year of a degree, you only study 100-110.

The awarding of credit in this way is not automatic and must be applied for. If you would like further guidance on whether your Cliff College short course Certificate may contribute towards a University of Manchester qualification at Cliff College, contact the Academic Director.

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