Mission and Islamic Contexts (MRP3)

Christian mission to Muslims is one of the most significant and controversial issues facing the Church today. This course investigates these complexities historically, theologically, and missiologically, examining key points of overlap and difference between Christianity and Islam in order to reflect upon how Christians might communicate within Islamic contexts most appropriately and effectively.

Mission Islamic Contexts

Unit Overview

Through a combination of lectures and seminars, this unit explores the following themes:

  • Key doctrines, history and cultural influences of Islam
  • Historical models of Christian mission and Islam
  • Critique of models of inter-faith dialogue
  • Critical reflection on contemporary Christian-Muslim apologetics
  • Reception of Islam in post-9/11 western societies
  • Creatively responsible Christian-Muslim mission in post-Christendom societies

Whether you’re a church leader, a missionary, or just curious about how to engage with Muslims in the West, the Middle East, or beyond, you will find this course extremely valuable in reflecting upon Christian-Muslim mission from a thoroughly evangelistic perspective, with nuanced contextual awareness.

Unit Dates

This unit runs every two years, and will next run from 15-19 March 2021.

One of the most valuable units I’ve done. I’ve learnt a lot and am thrilled that Cliff have given this unit as an option.

This module has been extremely beneficial with regards to the learning outcomes for the MA but also diversity in general. In my workplace (Higher education) I doubt there are any non-Muslims with any knowledge of Islam at all. It will be useful to have a different voice in the conversation and my HE institution view this as important CPD. I was utterly ignorant of Islam previously.

So pleased that this course exists, and wish that I had learnt about this earlier.

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