Christian Spirituality and Mission (CSM1)

Spirituality and mission, both key elements of Christian discipleship, are often separated in the busyness of contemporary church life. But they were never meant to be! This unit offers a unique opportunity to explore how spirituality and mission might be re-connected, providing a great opportunity to learn and and reflect upon different traditions who have been able to do so in various ways, and applying this to contemporary missional contexts.

Unit Overview

The spirituality and mission MA unit will ask critical questions about the relationships between spirituality, prayer and mission and explore a range of historic and contemporary spiritualities, such as:

  • Biblical perspectives on spirituality and discipleship
  • Celtic spirituality and mission
  • Wesleyan spirituality and mission
  • Ignatian spirituality and mission
  • Lutheran spirituality and mission
  • Pentecostal spirituality and mission

Unit Dates

This unit runs every two years, and will next run from 20-24 February 2020.

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