Listening and Trauma; for such a time as this

The focus of the training is to increase awareness of the pastoral needs of people and communities in this time of trauma. How do we listen well and how do we support ourselves and others in times of adversity? Book now!

Certificate Pastoral Care

We live in an unprecedented time - a time of complex global trauma. Trauma has been called the mission field of the 21st century. This requires us as a people of God to be aware, equipped and prepared to meet new care needs in fresh ways in this emerging context. This training will explore new perspectives on these issues so that we can provide better support as we move forward through this global pandemic towards wiser ways of being.

Welcomed by Ian White, Senior Tutor, Cliff College, this free online training course is hosted by Jennie Fytche & Rhona Knight. Jennie was a paediatric nurse for 25 years before moving into pastoral care. She has experience in healing and wholeness ministry and bereavement care. She is a mentor and trainer and currently works as a school’s chaplain. She has a heart to see people and communities flourish as they draw closer to God. Rhona was a GP for 25 years before being ordained in the Church of England. She is a spiritual director and pastoral supervisor and is currently doing a PhD on trauma in ministry. She loves to see the priesthood of all believers working together, as the body of Christ, to share his love in the world.

What to expect on the day

Pastoral care – what is it, what is needed now as we deal with on-going trauma in our world, country and communities, and how can we and the church be better equipped for this ministry? There will be opportunities for personal reflection and group discussion in Session 1 and to join in two workshops in Session 2. A 15 minute break is planned between these main sessions to grab a drink and take a comfort break. You will be encouraged to ask questions and leave comments through the Zoom chat room. This training will be not recorded to ensure confidentiality.

The two workshops, which each person will be able to attend:

1. Pastoral care foundations: This workshop will be about listening to God, listening to myself as I listen to others.

2. A framework for pastoral care in a time of trauma: This workshop will be a brief introduction to listening to others in a time of trauma.

This course will run from 10am - 1pm on Saturday 30 October 2021. The session will open by Zoom link at 9.45am in order to say hello ahead of the training beginning at 10am.

This is a free course, and once booked you will receive the Zoom link to join the day.

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