Festival at Home Sunday 24 May

Programme for day three of Festival at Home


Fire pit prayers

Gather around the digital fire pit with the All We Can team as we seek to gather in community like the early church did and encounter the fire of the Holy Spirit. Hear how change begins with a bike and how together with Festival at Home we are making a difference to some of the poorest communities around the world.

Bible Study & WorshipShane Bishop opens up the Bible for us continuing the theme around John Wesley’s idea of ‘the World is my Parish’, while Josh Gillam leads us in worship. This morning we consider the power of revelation, how the resurrection becomes more real as we recognise Christ.
All TogetherCome together, All Together, to worship the King through song, storytelling and drama. Prepare to engage with this joyous action packed time.
Moving Beyond Hope
To embrace hopelessness requires a move beyond Eurocentric thought. What does it mean to create a worldview from the social location of the marginalised?
Lockdown, faith, hope and family life
Lessons of hope from two parents living through lockdown. Join two young dads, Matt and Tim from All We Can, as they share their experiences of family life and the lessons of hope from living amongst national lockdown and a global pandemic.
#MeToo Tweets the Friends of Billie Eilish
This seminar explores current data about violence in adolescent relationships and ways teens can be advocates against teen dating violence.
Quick-fire questions

Don't forget to share your quick-fire questions for our panel hosted by Andrew Harper on the seminars so far today. Join the conversation with Justin Thacker, Sandra Brower & Jude Levermore.
Coming soon!

Seminar: Wesley’s sermons as a treasure for spiritual directionWesley’s sermons may seem obsolete and a dead letter; they are nothing of the kind when pondered with care. Carefully selected by Wesley himself, they set out to do three things: help us become serious Christians; call us to be the real deal as taught by Jesus; and then enable us to survive given the challenges we naturally face. In working through this agenda, Wesley gives us the distinctively Methodist spin on what it is to be a Christian.
Then join the Connexional Team panel and Alison Ransome as they answer your questions raised from Prof. Billy Abraham's seminar as they reflect once again on how we may apply the teachings to our own contexts.
Evening Celebration

Ashley Cooper and Sam Taylor will tonight be joined by Prof. Evelyn Parker, taking our thinking to Samaria and how we and the church can be pushed beyond our comfort zones. Evelyn will be bringing us a message that explores the Bible and her own ministry.

Fire pit prayersGathering around the fire to talk, to pray, to reflect, is a tradition as old as humanity. This year, at Festival at Home, All We Can is delighted to bring you the digital fire pit. Warm yourself by the fire to share in stories, prayer and vision for God’s world.

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