Festival at Home Saturday 23 May

Programme for day two of Festival at Home


Fire pit prayers

Join All We Can and guests around the digital fire pit as we reflect on Moses’ encounter with God in the burning bush as we embark on the first full day of Festival.

Bible Study & WorshipShane Bishop, our friend from Christ Church, Illinois, will be leading our Bible Studies this year at Festival at Home, joined by worship leader Josh Gillam. This morning’s Bible Study will explore the resurrection considering how no one saw it coming, but it changed everything.
All TogetherIt's time to worship together, ALL together...that means mums and dads, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunties, grannies, grandads, cousins, friends, neighbours, dogs, your friend's neighbour's dog...it means absolutely everyone coming together for one purpose... to worship the King. Join Sam Hargreaves, Bob Hartman and Play it by Ear as they lead you in song, storytelling and drama as well as plenty of action packed silliness. Come on everyone, let's do this All Together!
Seminar: Embracing HopelessnessThis section argues that hope is a middle-class privilege designed to domesticate marginalised communities. If the disenfranchised seek liberation, then they must begin the process of decolonising their minds by rejecting Eurocentric theological concepts.
Change begins with Hope…
Discover how you can play a vital part in bringing hope and breaking the cycle of poverty. Hear inspiring stories from All We Can’s work in Uganda, where bicycles are bringing hope.
#MeToo Tweets the Pastor: Preventing and Intervening in Teen Dating Violence
This seminar explores theoretical and practical aspects of violence in adolescent romantic relationships. Pastors will consider ways of preventing and intervening in teen dating violence specific to their contexts.
Quick-fire questionsShare your quick-fire questions and comments from the seminars so far today and Andrew Harper will put them to our panel for a quick response. Join the conversation with Justin Thacker, Sandra Brower and Jude Levermore.
Coming soon!
The Gospel and the treasure of the Kingdom
Proclaiming and then entering into the kingdom is at the heart of healthy evangelism. The former provides the call; the latter our response. And when we respond we are taken into a whole new world where nothing can ever the same: our morality, our experience of God, our vision of God, our commitment to the church, the gifts God gives us, and the disciplines needed to sustain these amazing gifts of grace.
Then the Connexional Team will host a panel of people led by Alison Ransome (Vocations Advisor and a Regional Coordinator in the Learning Network) to explore ideas raised by Prof. Billy Abraham. The panel will reflect on how to apply his teaching to our own context. If you have questions related to the seminar which you want the panel to discuss you will be able to send them in.
Evening CelebrationTonight's Celebration, hosted by Ashley Cooper with worship from Sam Taylor, will take us to Judea. The preacher will be Anthony Delaney, a church planter in Manchester, teaching us how the church can reach into its community and city.
Fire pit prayersGather around the fire to reflect on the activity of the day. Join All We Can and guests as we practice koinonia digitally as we share in a time of testimony.

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