Festival at Home Monday 25 May

Programme for day 4 of Festival at Home


Fire pit prayers

Gather around the digital fire pit for some breakfast and some reflection on Jesus eating with his followers after the resurrection. Experience the embers as we explore what God is saying for us ahead of the last day at Festival at Home.

Bible Study & WorshipFor the final time, Shane Bishop from Christ Church, Illinois, will be leading our Bible Study joined by worship leader Josh Gillam. This morning we’ll explore commission as the empowerment to take the Good News to the world.
All TogetherIt's time to join Sam, Sara, Chris, Ross and Bob Hartman for our final All Together worship time. Gather the household and prepare to join in.

Seminar: Hope Against Hope

In this final section, we explore praxis. What becomes the proper ethical action in the midst of oppression, recognising that following the rules established by oppressors only reinforces repressive conditions.

Untold global impact of coronavirus

Coronavirus has radically changed our lives here in the West. In the global south, its impacts have been even harder to mitigate. Hear some of the personal stories behind the pandemic. Pray with the world’s poorest communities. Give. Save lives.

#MeToo Tweets her Parents: Preventing and Intervening in Teen Dating Violence
This seminar explores theoretical and practical aspects of violence in adolescent romantic relationships with attention to the role of parents. Parents will consider ways of preventing and intervening in teen dating violence specific to their contexts.
Quick-fire questionsAndrew Harper once again hosts a panel for quick-fire questions picking up your thoughts and questions from the seminars so far today. Join the conversation with Justin Thacker, Sandra Brower and Jude Levermore.

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Seminar: Wesley’s theology as a treasure for intellectual confidenceWesley once said that sorting through the classical arguments for faith risked driving him to suicide. Yet he hammered out a fascinating set of arguments for securing the truth of faith even in a hostile world. So, he unpacked the assurance given to us through the witness of the Spirit; and he implicitly captured the crucial place of conspicuous holiness in bringing home the truth of the Gospel to outsiders. Unite the two so long divided, knowledge and vital piety, sang Charles Wesley. John showed how we can do so even today.

Alison Ransome will host a panel from the Connexional Team to expand on ideas raised by Prof. Billy Abraham and consider how we may apply it in our own contexts. Submit your questions raised in the seminar for the panel to discuss.

Evening CelebrationFor our final Celebration Eden Fletcher joins us from Hong Kong alongside Ashley Cooper and Sam Taylor. Eden will lead us to the ends of the earth, in thinking about how we can go into all the world as a global church and one community of faith.
Fire pit prayersThe tradition of fire pit continues to next year as we look ahead to Cliff Festival 2021 ‘Around the Campfire’. Come share in stories of the past few days and hear what we have to look forward to in 2021.

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