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Cliff Festival 2021

Cliff Festival 2021 is taking place from 28 May to 31 May 2021.

Around the Campfire

Definition of campfire:  a fire built outdoors (as at a camp or a picnic)

Example: We gathered around a campfire and shared stories.

When we started planning for Festival 2021, we didn’t know how relevant the theme of campfire would become. To gather around a campfire is an act of community – we gather as a people at a time and in a place, coming from our different locations to join with one another and share something of our story and experience. After a period of isolation, gathering around a campfire is a special expression of joining together again.

But the thing that draws us to the campfire is not just a sense of community – it’s a sense of unity. We gather around the things that we share; the things that matter more than those that divide us. We put aside our differences and come together as a united community under the name of Jesus, the King who died and rose again. We gather to celebrate, to worship, to learn from one another and to share in all that God has to teach and give us at Festival 2021.

We’re delighted that many of our artists and contributors who were intending to join us for Festival 2020 will be back for Festival 2021. These include Tom Smith and Soul Survivor, and Cliff Festival favourites Lily Jo and Philippa Hanna. We hope that you will join us to celebrate, to tell stories, to share in community and to be united around the campfire.

Rev Ashley Cooper

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