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The Bible, Gender and Church Research Centre

The Bible, Gender and Church (BGC) Research Centre focuses on biblical and practical gender studies, and how these intersect and inform the lives of women and men in the contemporary church.

About the Centre

The Sophia Network’s ‘Minding the Gap’ report recently demonstrated that, although women make up 65 per cent of the church in the UK, 62 per cent of these women have experienced some form of sexism in church. More than half of the respondents also indicated that this was a problem that existed on an institutional rather than on an individual level. View the full report here. These statistics and others make it clear that research on gender, both in the Bible and the church, is sorely needed. The BGC Research Centre aims to foster research in biblical gender studies, as well as through various projects to affect change in the church and academia so that both women and men can be empowered to ‘live life to the full’.

The centre is a joint initiative between Cliff College and The University of Manchester.

Lies Abusers Tell: Weaponisation of the Bible in the Home

‘Lies Abusers Tell: Weaponisation of the Bible in the Home’ was an online seminar hosted by the BGC Research Centre in April 2021. Hosted by Drs Holly Morse and Kirsi Cobb, the main speaker was Revd Dr Helen Paynter, the director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence. Her paper was followed by a response from Natalie Collins, an international speaker and trainer on issues of violence against women and wider gender injustice. You can watch the recording of the paper, response and following Q&A below.

Inaugural lecture

The inaugural lecture for the BGC took place during Cliff Festival, on Monday the 27 May 2019. Rev’d Dr Susan Shooter delivered a lecture entitled ‘Yet in my Flesh Shall I See God: Researching Faith With Survivors of Abuse’. Please find the book on Amazon here to see her book on the subject. This was followed by responses from Dr Holly Morse and Dr Kirsi Cobb, as well as a reception for all participants. You can watch the lecture below.

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